Design Process

Your Choice of Design

Bespoke jewellery by Gemma de Chamarel involves you throughout the straight-forward yet exciting design process, whether you are creating an entirely new piece of jewellery or refreshing an existing piece.


During the initial consultation, Gemma will discuss your personal preferences, design ideas, budget and other considerations. Alongside her expertise in precious stones and metals and jewellery creativity this will form the basis of unique and beautiful designs. Gemma will work closely with you until you are happy with your design.

Gemma will then proceed to bring your bespoke jewellery to life. She will help you with gemstone selection and have your jewellery piece cast and set, an intricate step in the process. Finally your unique piece will be beautifully and safely packaged and couriered to you.



As a GIA certified expert in diamonds and gemstones, Gemma de Chamarel can help you find the right stone at the right price, advising on carat, cut, colour and clarity. Gemma will offer you a choice of beautiful gemstones to consider and can source all types of precious gemstones, from traditional diamonds to unusually coloured gems.

You can be confident that all of Gemma de Chamarel’s diamonds over a certain carat weight are certified and conform to the Kimberley Process. All our other gemstones are ethically and responsibly sourced. Alternatively, you can provide your own gemstones and Gemma will be delighted to design a unique setting to show them at their best.